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Brand story

Brand appeal 

Why are we calling ourselves “Lego block mount”?

It is based on our Marvo series which is produced by the module design per any requirements. You can choose your way to build your mounts from the equipment that you are going for, the length, angle, and base part for the product.

The three options to make the most suitable assembly method, and it can achieve free collocation, create a new way of using, just like building block toys, either change to new colors, new shapes, only by replacing a single part, in this way to achieve "simplicity", "environmental protection" and "fun" of use.


How to achieve a 'modular' design?

The key is the high-strength aluminum ball joint, and to use the same size of the ball head series products that can achieve the function of modularity and free matching.


Should I choose aluminum alloy or carbon fiber?

Aluminum alloy

Lightweight and won’t cause the allergenic, recyclable, use as aerospace grade aluminum.

No. 6061 aluminum alloy, T5 heat treated

Carbon fiber

Lightweight with good fatigue resistance, good texture, aerospace grade- carbon fiber.

The coefficient of thermal expansion is small and the corrosion resistance is outstanding



ONYX MARVO系列產品,採用模組化的設計,依造需求選擇1.安裝的裝置 2.支架的長度及角度 3.安裝的基底,三種選擇做出最合適的組裝方式,並可以達到自由搭配,創造出新的使用方式,就像積木玩具一樣,改變新的顏色、新的造型,僅替換單一部位即可,用這種方式達到「簡約」、 「環保」及使用的「樂趣」。











-編號6061 鋁合金










『 Moving with you 』、 『 Free your hands 』精神?